Friday, 21 November 2008


Today I got my first paycheck since the end of August. What a wonderful feeling! I've only been working at this job for a week so it wasn't a lot (but more than I was expecting!) but at this point, anything seems like a lot. I get paid once a month only, so this money has to last me a while, but it was very nice to see the bank account going up for a change. In honour of this momentous occasion, I thought I would tell you about my job and the road that lead me to it.

I started handing out CVs (resumes) at the end of September and it was a month before I heard anything from an employer. They say that finding a job IS your job, and although I wouldn't exactly say I made it my job I definitely went out everyday (well, almost everyday) for that month to hand out a few CVs. Applying for jobs is something I hate doing. I hate that you have about 5 seconds to make a good impression. That just terrifies me. Although handing out all those CVs did let me get a good feeling for the city, it was not fun.

I got a phone call from a store called Peacocks on October 25th and had an interview on the 27th. Peacocks is a clothing store that sells mens, womens and childrens clothes. The interview went well and I heard back on the 29th that I got the job. I was super excited because I really wanted to work at a clothing store -- in order to get a good discount, of course! I went in on the 3rd to watch some cheesy videos about how to properly lift a box (bend with your legs, not your back!) and sign some contracts and stuff. They had me read through about 50 pages of store policies and sign the back of every page to show that I read it. Not a very fun way to spend two hours, but I did get paid for it. I went in on the 4th for my first shift and basically dusted the whole time. I was the accessories and christmas gift person, so I was in that section the whole time dusting shelves and restocking. I literally wasn't supposed to go to other sections of the store. I didn't talk to any of the other workes unless I was asking them a question because we were all in our own areas. I won't go into detail about why I didn't like it, I'll just say that I wasn't happy working there. I was working 20 hrs/wk and my contract was only until Dec. 24th so even if I loved it I would have had to keep looking for work.

On Nov. 10th, only a week after I started, I got a phone call from a company I handed my CV in to a few weeks before and set up an interview for the 12th. That night, Amy told me there was an opening in the retail section of her store and her boss said that if I was still looking for work I could have the job. I was so thankful to have options and that I wouldn't have to work at Peacocks for much longer. The interview was for Geoffrey Tailor, a big kiltmaker with a shop on the Royal Mile...right beside the castle! I was really excited about working there so I went to the interview even though I had another job offer. I thought it went well, but I had to tell the woman that I had another job offer and needed to know whether I got the job or not as soon as possible. I don't think she liked that very much. I didn't get a phone call back from them and I like to think it was because she knew that another job was available to me and not because I didn't do a good job at the interview! So, I quit at Peacocks on the 12th and started at Baxters on the 15th. I haven't even been there a week and already I feel very comfortable. I work in the retail section and Amy works in the restaurant, but she can tell you about her job later if she wants. The store is in a mall near our flat and has two retail floors, one with their famous soups and other food products and the other with kitchen gadgets and dishes. My tasks vary from day to day but mostly I just stand behind the counter waiting to cash out customers. Much more relaxed than Peacocks! Everyone is really friendly and I actually get to talk to the other workers. All in all I am very happy that I was able to switch jobs. They've even agreed to give Amy and I the same days off, which will make it easier for traveling. Plus, its more hours AND more pay...but thats just an added bonus to having a relatively stress-free job for the year.

If the use of 'Amy and I' didn't give it away, this was posted by Katie.

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Holly said...

That's great that it worked out so well for both of you. I guess Somebody's looking out for you!
Oh yah, and if you win my giveaway, I'll definitely send it to Beamsville.