Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Happy 250th birthday Rabbie Burns!

Every year on January 25th, the Scots celebrate the birth of the famous poet Robert Burns with a Burns night dinner. This usually consists of haggis, neeps (turnip) and tatties (potatoes). On Saturday night we had a bunch of people over for dinner to celebrate the birth of Scotland's national poet. We had a huge meal consisting of haggis, neeps and tatties, of course, as well as scotch pie and haggis sausages. Amy had tried a bite of haggis before but this was my first encounter with the Scottish dish. I have to say it was quite tasty. It looked and tasted a lot like meatloaf and as long as you don't think about whats in it you'll be fine!

Before you cut into the haggis someone is supposed to read one of Burns' poems 'Address to a Haggis'. I took a video of our friend reading part of it but for some reason I can't upload it onto the blog.

Robbie Burns wrote Auld Lang Syne, which I just realized not too long ago actually has words to it. Every year at New Years I would just hum along or say 'la, la, la' to the tune without actually knowing what the words were. Here's a link to the words. To make the night interesting we were all supposed to come up with 30 seconds worth of entertainment, whether it be a poem, song or perhaps...a rap about Canada??? Yep, Amy and I went all out and rapped a poem about Canadian provinces. It went over quite well. Heres a pic of our gangster outfits.

Happy Birthday Rabbie Burns!


Lucy Marie said...

I knew you'd find your true calling someday.

Wendy said...

Brave girls! Eating haggis without even being dared to? I know I couldn't do it. :o)