Thursday, 16 April 2009

10 reasons why this flat is NOT my home

My BFF over at Lucy's Life is having a House a Home giveaway. The idea is to come up with 10 things in your house that make it your home. I don't have a house so I told her I wouldn't be participating in her giveaway. However, I said that I could probably come up with 10 things that show that this flat is not my home and she said that would be alright. Here's hoping I win!

1. Who doesn't have a favourite TV show? I have quite a few. This year I've had to watch my shows online because they are a season behind on most shows in Scotland. There are a few shows on tele here that are fun to watch but the one shown below is not. Hollyoaks is sort of like a soapopera mixed with 90210, with even worse acting. I miss shows like Jon and Kate Plus 8, Survivor, Oprah, The View, Ellen...the list goes on.

2. I miss my bed. This twin bed is comfortable enough, but its small. I miss being able to stretch out while I sleep. You can't tell in this picture, but my bed is about 30 cm away from Amy's bed. I miss my own room.

3. This is Joey. He's cute, but he's smelly. He is especially smelly when his owner forgets to clean out his cage for three weeks. I don't mind Joey being in the flat but I can guarentee you that I will not have a rabbit in my first home.

4. This is the wall above the couch in the living room. The eye sore on the left is an ugly metal TV stand that was put up to hold a projector so that Neil can watch tele and movies using the wall opposite as a big screen. As you can see, the projector isn't even up and when it was I think we used it once. He had a little trouble getting the stand in the right place and put a few extra holes in the wall. I like the idea of having a home theatre, but I would have bought a nice shelf to put the projector on, maybe along with some books or candles or something. The real reason I am showing you this picture is because of the big blank space beside the ugly eye sore. If this were my flat I would add some pictures to this wall, and perhaps some paint.

5. Theres nothing wrong with the washing machine, except for the fact that its in the kitchen. Well, really, theres nothing wrong with it being in the kitchen, its just weird. You know you're in Europe when your washer is in the kitchen.

6. This is the inside of our tiny freezer. As you can see, its pretty full. Most of the stuff isn't ours, and a lot of it has been in there since before we moved in in September. I can't really say to anyone "Yo, clean your stuff out of the freezer if you're not going to use it" because thats not my place. It just gets annoying when we are grocery shopping and have to limit our frozen stuff because theres not enough room. Theres always room for some Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey, though!

7. This is our tiny fridge. It's basically a bar fridge...for four people. We share milk and butter but thats it so this sucker gets pretty full. We have to limit our fridge food too when we are grocery shopping. We basically live on bread, pasta and potatoes because they don't have to be refridgerated. Although, if you saw the tiny cupboard we have to keep our food in...oh, never mind.
8. This is a picture of an open window. ALL the windows in the flat are ALWAYS open, even in the winter and the heat is never on. This makes for one cccccoolddd flat. I get cold really easily as it is, but when its 2 degrees outside and the windows are wide open, I freeze. I like the idea of letting some cool, crisp, fresh air in, but opening the window for an hour is good for me, not all day. I go around closing the windows all the time, but they always end up back open!

9. When I first decided to take a picture of these lovely dead, dried roses it was to say that they need to be thrown out but because they aren't mine I can't really do anything about it. But then I thought about the fact that my mom loves fresh flowers and often has a beautiful bouquet on her table. These dead flowers remind me that this is not mine, or my parents' home.

10. These are the DVDs in the flat. I could probably find five or six that I would enjoy watching, but most of them don't interest me. This is not my home because theres no Sweet Home Alabama, The Notebook, Tristan and Isolde, The Holiday or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang among the collection.

I just want to say that even though I've just complained about 10 things in the flat that bug me, I really do love living here. None of those things are major and I feel that God blessed Amy and I with a great flat and flatmates.



Lucy Marie said...

LOVE it. Good luck on the giveaway. If you win maybe you can mount the plaque on that big empty wall :D

Love much much love! xoxo

Wendy said...

Good luck to you! And you're right - that doesn't seem like home.

Logi said...

That list just confirms that you need to come home!! I can't believe B&S wasn't on your favourite show list! Oh and it is Outlander, I've got 600 pages left!

Sassenachs in Scotland said...

Those are the shows that I miss that I don't watch online. Don't worry, I would never forget about B&S. Although, it hasn't been on for nearly a month so I'm starting to forget what happened in the last episode.

What do you think of the book so far?

Taryn said...

Haha- nice. (The tiny washer in the kitchen is totally European. I went to visit my sister while she was living in Spain for a semester and I could not believe the tininess of her washer! In the even tinier kitchen!)

mom said...

Waaaaa...sniff sniff. I miss you guys!! and I'm glad there's lots of stuff that make you feel NOT at home. That way I can be sure you'll come back in Sept.