Friday, 24 April 2009

I'm So Happy, So Very Happy

I talked to my parents today and got some good news. First, a little background info...
When Amy and I go home in September we plan on spending a few weeks at home and then moving to Waterloo (an hour and a bit from our parents) to find an apartment and jobs. Our sister and her family have graciously agreed to let us live with them for a month or two while we figure things out. The thing is, we have no furniture. No bed, no couch, no bookshelves. We also won't have a lot of money to furnish our apartment with. Our parents got a new table a few months ago and kept the old one for us, but a table and a few chairs does not a furnished apartment make!
When we talked to our parents today they said they moved our furniture into our sisters basement. At first I thought they had moved my hope chest and maybe my bed but my dad started talking about a couch and coffee table and some cute lamps. What!? Who's couch? Whose coffee table? Whose cute lamps? Well, apparently we've received some nice hand-me-downs from one of our aunt and uncles (and her parents) who just built a new house and all moved in together. This made me so happy! Theres still lots that we will need, but its a good start and I'm just glad we won't be sitting on boxes when we move in.

Is it bad that I am living in Scotland and the idea of moving home and decorating my first apartment sounds more exciting to me right now?????


Lucy Marie said...

Awesome news! Except not awesome that you are actually going to move there and not come home to me.

I loved your list about what you love on fridays.

Can't wait to see you NEXT week!

Emily MacKenzie said...

Moving to Waterloo eh!? Suweeeet! It's a great place to live! :) And super cool that you ladies will be so close by. can't wait!
Just think, you can come over every Wednesday and be ignored while Laura, Evan, Andy and I watch Lost. tee hee! :)