Monday, 1 December 2008

Black Sheep

I believe I am officially the Black Sheep of the family. Wanna know why? Today I got my eyebrow pierced. Yep, my eyebrow. When I told my mom the other day that I was getting it done she said "why don't you get your nose pierced instead?" Well, I didn't want my nose pierced, I wanted my eyebrow pierced. I've wanted it done for probably four years but refrained from getting it done because I knew my parents wouldn't be too pleased. Now that I'm out on my own I decided it was time. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. The pain...the aftercare...keeping it clean...whether I would actually like it or not...but I figured I've wanted it done for a long time and the only way to find out if I would like it was to get it done. So Amy and I went to a tattoo parlor on the Royal Mile to check things out. My flatmate Rachel told me about this place and said that it was a safe, clean place to go. So, I went in, filled out the paperwork and got it done. In total it took probably 5 minutes. I was worried about the pain, but honestly it didn't really hurt. It just felt like getting a needle--which I guess is essentially what it is! The barbell that I got it pierced with is bigger than what I would have wanted but it is the smallest one that they could actually pierce with. It has to be a little bigger to accommodate for any swelling. After it is healed, in about 2 months, I can change it to a smaller one. I was feeling a little faint after I got it done so had to sit down for a couple minutes. You know how your hearing starts to go when you feel like you are going to faint? Yeah, that happened to me. It went for about a minute than slowly started to come back.

Here I am feeling a little faint. I am wearing the new coat, but there will be a better picture of it later.

Back at home...feeling much better. I tried to upload the video that Amy took of the actual piercing, but it didn't work. I managed to get it on Facebook so if you really want to watch it you can head over there. I promise it isn't gross and is suitable for everyone to watch. You can't see the needle going in because the guys hands are in the way. I've had it for a few hours now and it feels really good. It isn't throbbing or hurting at all. I'm not looking forward to the first cleaning though, or sleeping with it in. I'll let you know how it feels in the morning :)

Update: I've now had it for more than 24 hours and it feels great. Cleaning it is a breeze and I slept with a hat on last night to keep my bangs, sorry fringe, away from it and that seemed to work well.


Holly said...

Oh, Katie...I don't know what to say! :0 Following your dream...good for you! (I guess!)

Lucy Marie said...

You are my role model!! You are now officially more punk than me. :( ... I guess I have to get another piercing or get inked before you get home!! haha

Laura said...

I already posted on your wall about the piercing but love, love, love the coat too!