Tuesday, 2 December 2008

German Market

Every year Edinburgh has a big street market called Winter Wonderland. It is filled with rides, a skating rink and lots of wooden huts filled with exciting and delicious gifts and treats. It started November 27th and is around for a month or so. I went to the opening night where they turned on all the Christmas lights on the main street. This sounds like it would be exciting but it was a bit of a let down. It was freezing that night and I waited around for two hours for the lights to come on. When they eventually got around to flipping the switch a few trees with lights lit up and some "fireworks" went off. I say "fireworks" because I heard maybe four bangs but didn't see any actually fireworks in the sky. Even though the opening night was a bit of a let down the actually market is pretty cool. Amy and I walked around it for a few hours (before the eyebrow piercing!) and bought a few festive treats--chocolate covered apples and sugared almonds. We'll definitely frequent the market quite a bit as they have crepes--my favourite--and delicious looking mini sugared doughnuts that we must try!

Here are a few pictures we took of us enjoying the market:

Our new, WARM Scottish hats.

The market at about 4 pm. It gets dark insanely early here.

We saw this dress on display while we were walking down the Royal Mile towards the tattoo parlor. Very cool!

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