Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Leaning Tower of Pisa here we come!

A few days ago Amy and I booked our first trip to Europe. We will be heading to Pisa, Italy on January 13th and staying until the 15th. It's a short trip--we'll only be there for a day and a half--but Pisa is relatively small and everything we've read online suggests it is easily doable in a day. Of course, Pisa is famous for its leaning tower but there are many other interesting old buildings and 'piazzas' throughout the city. Here are a few photos to give you a taste of what we will be seeing.

And of course...the tower!

mmm looking forward to trying the pizza and gelato in Italy...

Update: After being advised by an Italian man Amy and I work with we have decided to go to Florence as well as Pisa. We will take the train from Pisa to Florence early on the 14th and spend the night there. We will then take the early train back to Pisa and have most of the day to traipse around the city before our flight back to Edinburgh.

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Lucy Marie said...

I'll meet you there, k?