Monday, 1 December 2008

Glasgow shopping adventure

Last Monday Amy and I went to Glasgow to do some shopping. It was her birthday so we wanted to do something special and at first we decided we would rent a car and drive down to the Scottish Borders. However, we didn't rent the car on time and I wasn't feeling very good the day before, so we thought a less adventurous trip might be in order. Who doesn't love a little shopping!?!?

So, we caught the bus to Glasgow and were in the city till 6:45. There is a store called Primark that we discovered for the first time in Inverness that is incredibly cheap, but really nice. They don't have any in Edinburgh--don't know why--but have about four in Glasgow. We were very excited to go back to this store and do some birthday/Christmas shopping. I bought a nice winter coat (which you'll see in later pictures) for 25 pounds, a pair of shorts for 50 pence (thats like cents, folks!) and a little something for Amy's stocking. Something I love about Scotland is that the tax is included in the price already. When you are shopping what you see is what you pay. This makes it much easier to calculate what the total cost will be when shopping, and whether or not you have enough cash on you.
So back to Glasgow...after Primark we walked around the downtown area for a bit. Glasgow's downtown area is more normal looking compared with Edinburgh's. There are a lot of new builds in amongst the old buildings that gives it a normal downtown area feel. It's definitely not as nice looking as Edinburgh so if you are planning on visiting Scotland I would recommend going to Edinburgh over Glasgow any day. We didn't really do much in Glasgow besides shop so I don't have a lot to type. I will say that the malls there are actually malls, in the North American sense of the word. In Edinburgh, all the malls are quite small and the same shape, a straight line where you can see one end while standing at the other. The mall we went into in Glasgow was 4 stories and had lots of different wings. Oh how I missed the feeling of being lost in a mall!

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