Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Being lazy...

I've decided to be really lazy and not write out my own retelling of my recent trip around Scotland, England and Rome. I know that most of the people that read my blog also read my dear friend Lucy's blog so I'm just going to tell everyone to go read her four part recap. I haven't asked her if this is OK, but I know she won't mind. Plus, if there's someone who stumbles across my blog who doesn't read her blog but is interested in finding about the trip maybe she'll gain a new follower! Everyone wins in this situation :)

I will say, though, that I had a FANTASTIC time while Lindsay and Laura were here. I got to see parts of Scotland that I hadn't seen yet, but more importantly, I got to see ROME! And more importantly than Rome, I got to spend 12 wonderful days with two amazing girls. We made memories that I know we will be talking about when we're 80 and sitting side by side in our rocking chairs.

Lin and Laura left early Sunday morning and Amy and I had another Canadian visitor by Sunday night. Amanda B., who we went to high school with and is the sister of one of our aunts, is traveling around Scotland and Ireland for a month with her grandma. She came down from Aviemore to Edinburgh for two days. We walked the Royal Mile, ate some fish and chips and took a tour of the underground vaults of Edinburgh. They have many ghost tours of the vaults but we all happily decided to take the more historical tour. It was very interesting and you should definitely look up the history of the south bridge vaults in Edinburgh. Even though it wasn't a ghost tour it was still a little scary. As the tour guide said, the ghosts don't respect the fact that its a historical tour and not a ghost one. We walked through several stone rooms, including a few that were said to be the most haunted. Amy thinks she saw something in the flash of someones camera. I really hope she didn't though because if she did the ghost would have been standing right beside me. I didn't feel any unusual cool drafts around me, so I think Amy was just seeing things. I did come out of the vaults wishing I had seen something though. What an interesting experience that would be. Maybe I'll have to find the courage to do a ghost tour before I go home.

Speaking of going home...there is only 3 1/2 months before the potential leaving date. We don't have a date set in stone but have always figured we'd be ready to go home at the beginning of September. M,y how time flies by. The summer is going to go by quickly as well (it always does) because of the many festivals that will be going on around the city. This year is the year of the clan and Scotland is celebrating by having the biggest clan gathering in the world. There will be highland games (can't wait!), calling of the clans, as well as a parade of all the members of clans that have come for the occasion. The city is going to be packed! I found out a few weeks ago that Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander series and the reason why I am living here is going to be at the clan gathering. I've already met her and had my pic taken with her but will gladly get another book signed. Plus, theres the huge festival in August and the Edinburgh Tattoo. There'll be lots to see and do over the summer in Edinburgh. It will be a great way to end our year in Scotland.


Lucy Marie said...

I do not give you permission to steal my recap. And P.S. I want fish and chips NOW

cityrambler said...

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Amy said...

I'm not ready to leave yet!!!!!!!