Friday, 29 May 2009

Who has short hair? I have short hair!

So, these aren't the best pictures but it's rather difficult trying to take a picture of the back of your head by yourself. It took me a while to get shots that I liked enough to put up here. Whenever I took one, I didn't like how my hair looked--but I like it in person. Weird, I know.
But, these will have to do for now.

When I got this haircut I sort of, kinda accomplished two points on my bucket list-- be a model and do something that scares me. Although, accomplished isn't really the right word. It's not like I'm forever finished with these two things and I'll never again do something that scares me, but I'm not concerned enough to think of a better word. Anyways, the 'do something that scares me' one is pretty obvious. Who isn't scared when they get a haircut? But this was especially nerve wracking because it was such a change from any haircut I've ever had before. I loved the way this kind of cut looked on other people (short hair is really popular right now) but I was afraid it would look bad on me. But, I've always wanted to go short and for some reason the fact that I'm away from my friends and family and my regular life makes me more apt to do something risky, like get my eyebrow pierced, so I went for it.
The 'be a model' one might not be so obvious. I wasn't really a model in the way that most people would think of when they hear that word, but thats what the sign said, so thats what I was. The salon that I went to had a sign out front that said' models required'. After walking past it many times I finally went in to see what they wanted. Basically, they just want people who are willing to get their hair cut by a student. It was much cheaper than a normal haircut would have been at that salon and I've had my sisters cut my hair before, so someone still in college is a pro in my opinion. The owner of the salon told the girl exactly what to do, showed her a few cuts and then came to check in on her every few minutes. Every time she would start a new section she would go get the teacher to make sure she was doing it right. In the end, the teacher touched things up and made sure everything was even. So on Tuesday I was a model for about three hours (yes thats how long it took... the teacher had his own clients to deal with so he wasn't always available to come check right away).

Now it's your turn to go for a crazy new haircut, Emily!


Logi said...

Love it!! You are so brave AND beautiful!

Emily MacKenzie said...

You look so hot!! Very Posh (sp?)!
It's funny, I'm actually going for a haircut this afternoon...we'll see how dangerous I go. :)
p.s. I'm a wuss about haircuts (a fear I developed after my little day-before-my-wedding disaster...)

Holly said...

It looks great and shows off your long and elegant neck!

Tereasa said...

Very nice! Oh, how I would love to have a three hour haircut. I am always sad when the stylist says she's done and it's time to go home. I would even settle for a three hour hairwash!

veronking2003 said...

I love it! =]

Wendy said...

You did it! It looks adorable on you!