Friday, 22 May 2009

Did I just do a bad thing?

I just turned down a full time job...on the Royal the kind of store I've been wanting to work at since I moved here. Have I lost my mind? I don't think so.

I'm only getting part-time hours at the bar so on Monday I started handing out more CVs (resumes). Last night there was a message on our phone asking if I could come in for a trial shift at one of the tourist shops I applied to. Hurray! No more job searching! It has always taken weeks to get any kind of response from jobs so I was so thankful that I got one early. I called this morning and she asked me to come in at any time today.

The first thing the manager said was that the hours are long (9-9) and could I handle that? I said yes, thats fine, and her response was "oh, I don't know, are you sure (as she looked me up and down)." I was thinking 'who are you to tell me whether I can work a long shift or not', but I just sweetly told her that I've worked long shifts before and worked 14 days in a row several times. So then she asked me if I was going to quit my other job, in which case I said no.

Apparently for the first month you work there you don't get put on the schedule. You get asked to work on a day to day basis, so theres really no guarantee how many hours you'll get. So she told me she needs people with a lot of availability and if I was still working at the bar then she didn't know if I could work there. I told her that I would tell my boss that I could only work at the bar Friday evenings and that I would be available for her the rest of the week. Before I could even finish the sentence she told me she couldn't do that. She can't work around other peoples schedules. So after five or so minutes of us trying to understand each other she said "so, you are going to tell your boss you quit and then you can come here and work." To which I replied "Um, I don't think this is going to work out, sorry" and left.

I don't have any regrets right now, but I might if I'm still looking for a job in two weeks!

This clearly shows how much fun I'm having working at the bar/restaurant. Well, I enjoy the people I work with more than the actually work, but I definitely don't want to quit. Especially to go work for someone who considers me having three hours where I can't work for her a week as being 'unavailable.'


Lucy Marie said...

I think that it's redonkulous that she would expect that. No good at all. Good luck, I hope you find something soon.

Emily MacKenzie said...

Wow...what a special treat that lady must have been? Glad you stuck to your guns - you gotta enjoy life while your there, and something tells me you wouldn't if you worked for her.

Wendy said...

Sounds like you aren't missing out on anything with that job! Don't you just love it when people think that they should be able to own you?